Local Prizes Info

There are rewards for dedicated dart league players at the local league level and these do not require a player to attend the NADO annual Finale event. Each NADO franchisee has different rewards prize structures based on the size of their respective leagues.

Players earn points for local league and tournament play throughout the NADO season. These regular season points count toward both the local prizes and the NADO prizes. Any post season points that may be offered by a franchisee toward their local bonus pool such as those earned in a local finale event will only count toward the local prizes and do not count toward the NADO prize pools.

All franchisees will offer the following:

  • 101 Club Prize Pool Money
    • This is a pool of money that is shared among all the players that reach 101 points in a local season. NADO Continental Post Season Points do not count toward this rewards group. Quite simply, all the points for all the players that reach or exceed the 101 point threshold are totaled up and divided into the Local 101 Club Prize Pool Money to get a value per point. That value is then multiplied back into each player's respective point count to determine the dollar amount they have earned.
  • Local Bonus Pool Money

Some franchisees may also host annual local finale tournaments where points can be earned toward the prize pools above.